Reasons why some people don’t buy Tecno phones

You can only be living in space if you have not heard of Tecno smartphones.  It is a phone that has taken over Kenya and some part of Africa like a plague. If Kenyan Tecno phones happened to be one of the devices that cause mass death, Africa could be on the brink of extinction.  We are lucky that it is not; otherwise it could be a whole different story.  You will find someone using a phone in a matatu, in class, and on the streets.  For some time it was somehow annoying, but we got over it.

Not everyone has been carried away with this craze in Kenya. With a large population almost swearing allegiance to it, there is a group that has sworn not to have a Tecno phone now and in the future. They’d rather walk with a feature phone than be caught with a Tecno phone.  I sought to find out why some people are not willing to flow with this wave considering that it comes with the best deal in terms of the price. What I found out was kind of interesting.


Apparently, some people think that most Tecno phones come with a similar design.  Someone said that there is no point in buying a phone that has a similar design as the previous design. Looking at this closely, you notice that there is some aspect of truth. A look at the Tecno series phones might give you a clue of what we are talking about. You find that most phones have an almost similar design until you are not able to differentiate between all the models. This does not work well with people who feel like they want something unique and people who want to stand out from the crowd. Let’s just say that a smartphone will most of the time determine the personality of a person.

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Tecno is just one of those phones that will not always allow you to stand out or even bring out the unique aspect in you. That is why there are people who’d rather be caught dead than walking with a Tecno phone.  There is some aspect of truth in all that, come to think of it, from a distance anyone can tell the kind of Tecno that you are using. People have a funny way of thinking where they tend to even give your phone the price range. If I see someone with a Tecno J7 Boom, I will tell that it costs Ksh 10, 000, it is probably one year old and I can sometimes tell the kind of issues with that kind of phone.

Why buy a phone that everyone has something that they can talk about, unlike other phones, Tecno has all its specs and details known to most people. A phone such as an iPhone or even most of the Samsung phones leaves people wondering what they are made of. If you are looking for a phone that has some sense of intrigue and an atmosphere of suspense, Tecno is not the phone for you.


The other reason as to why other people don’t want to associate with a Tecno phone is due to the name. It’s rather interesting but the name Tecno is enough to put off some people. Tecno has a rather interesting story in Kenya; remember the time when all China phones had to be de activated? Well, most people developed an attitude towards Tecno phones and other models from China. It has not been so easy convincing people that Tecno is way better than what other models from the east were giving us some time back.


I have to admit that people who bought Tecno smartphones immediately they made a landing in Kenya experienced tough times. It was almost difficult convincing people that your Tecno phone was just like any other Android phone or even better. With time people came to accept this phone making it one of the best and most sold brand in Kenya. That has not been enough to convince some people that Tecno is a phone that they can consider getting, their response is that a Tecno phone is a Tecno phone, and they would not want to be found with it at any day.


High-end phones can be easily upgraded, to a better Android version. This is not the case with most Tecno phones. You get a Tecno phone that runs on the 4.2 Android OS, and you will be stuck with it in like forever till you do an upgrade. I tend to think that this is a strategy that Tecno has to keep people buying their phones. We know that this is one of the brands that release new models every time, with each new model there is probably an upgrade with them. To keep up with that pace, you have to keep buying, and this is what has kept Tecno in business for the few years that it has been in Kenya. This fact does not always resonate well with people who appreciate devices that can be upgraded when it comes to the OS. These people prefer having an expensive phone that they can probably use for two years than having an affordable phone that can be used for around six months before it is faced out by a better device.



I didn’t want to say this, but I bet I will have to, as we are talking about issues that make some people buy a Tecno phone. Tecno loyalists will agree with me that most Tecno phones keep on hanging; this is a constant problem that has been there for some time. High-end Tecno phones are probably the only models that will not give you this headache. If you have ever come across Tecno P5 or even tried using it, you will agree that that is one of the worst smartphones that you can ever use. It makes you wonder what was going through the minds of the people who created Tecno phones.

This phone will hang on every other task that you put it up to including reading your text messages. This problem cuts across the board with most Tecno phones in Kenya. Ask anyone using a Tecno phone and you realize that they keep on complaining, but there is nothing that they can do about it. For that reason, most people who appreciate efficiency will not be found using this phone. That is why they prefer saving for a very long time to invest in a phone that will give them quality promising efficiency.

Some people will fail to buy Tecno phones due to the low price that they come with, this is common for people who believe that cheap is expensive, and they are probably afraid that this phone will cost them in the long run. This group of people don’t have a problem with the quality of the phone, but they are afraid that the phone is too cheap for them to buy. You don’t expect such people to spend their money on such a phone. Not at any day, not unless they are buying it for home usage but not for their personal use.



We all agree that Tecno is one of the growing companies that have achieved great success in the Kenyan market. Statistics show that this is one of the phones that are used by a large majority of the people in the country. As a matter of fact, five in nine people use a Tecno phone; this is an indication that without a shadow of a doubt it is a popular model in the country. Just because a certain thing is popular does not necessarily mean that it is good, and it still does not mean that every other person in the country is ready to be responsive towards it.

There are people who don’t like Tecno phones, and they would do anything in their power not to have one. They actually say that even if the phones were to be given for free, they still would not want to own one. Tecno has a good side; it is the phones that made it possible for lots of people in African and in Kenya for that matter enjoy what an Android phone has to offer. It still has some major flaws to work on, and maybe things will change in future. To begin with, Tecno should work on their phones and give people phones that don’t hang. Most of us would really appreciate if that became a reality. They might not ask, but there are times that we feel like want to write a letter to Tecno giving them the dos and dont’s with smartphones. Since some things are next to impossible, Tecno haters will remain hating the brand while Tecno lovers will continue being loyal to this brand.



Sony Ericsson K700i Review

Dual fronts
Get acquainted with the Sony Ericsson K700i. This camera phone initiates the dawning of a new era in mobile imaging. Equipped with a large high-quality colour screen and a VGA camera that also does video, the Sony Ericsson K700i is a device with dual fronts. As much a camera as it is a phone. Or, to rephrase: as much a phone as it is a camera.

Sharing the way it should be – QuickShare™
We believe hi-tech products should be easy to use. That’s why we created QuickShare™. Where you are – on a safari holiday, on business in the concrete jungle or simply enjoying a party animal lifestyle in nightclubs – doesn’t really matter. Keeping in touch with friends, colleagues and family is never more than a few thumb-clicks away. So, snap your pictures and send them to anyone anywhere in the world instantly. That’s what QuickShare™ is all about: Keeping sharing to a couple of clicks.

Playing your tune
Regardless if you fancy jazz or have a passion for pop, the Sony Ericsson K700i’s got what it takes to satisfy you. Just tune into your favorite radio station with the built-in FM radio. So when you need a short break, tune in, close your eyes and get away from the rat race for a while.

Sony Ericsson K700i— wireless and free
A small and easy-to-carry mobile phone, the Sony Ericsson K700i has what you need to communicate effectively with colleagues and partners. You can have hundreds of names, numbers and email addresses with you at all times, and an impressive range of available Sony Ericsson K700i accessories makes calling pure comfort.

Calling comfort
To make calling easy and effective, there is a wide range of optional accessories for your K700. These include a range of Bluetooth™ headsets designed for optimal calling comfort and business efficiency. Sony Ericsson Bluetooth™ headsets sit comfortably on the ear, support voice dialling and let you make and take calls without having to pick up your phone.

Synchronise and stay updated
Before you leave the office, synchronise your calendar and contacts so you have the most recent information about meeting locations, and partner and colleague contact information, wherever you are.

FM radio — news on the move
When you need to keep up with the news wherever you are, or simply want to wind down with some music and entertainment while you’re waiting for your flight, the Sony Ericsson K700i has a built-in FM Radio with 8 pre-sets and an easy-to-use station search function.

Sony Ericsson K700i business features
Bluetooth™ — Connect without cables to PC and other Bluetooth™ devices
Business card exchange — Exchange business cards and place them directly in contacts
Calendar, contacts, tasks, notes and email — PC synchronisation
FM radio — News and entertainment around the clock
GPRS — Data transfer for easy download of email and mobile internet content
Infrared port — Wireless communication between phone and PC for synchronising and transferring images and other content
Messaging — SMS, MMS, email
Sound recorder — make voice notes on the go
Speakerphone — Handsfree comfort
WTLS — For secure mobile internet banking and payments

Gaming satisfaction
Fast download, a Java™ engine and the fantastic 65K screen: The Sony Ericsson K700i satisfies your craving for a full gaming experience. You’ll find exciting games embedded in your phone, and many more Sony Ericsson K700i games are available for download here . And with the 41 MB memory, there’s lots of room for fun.

It’s a call, it’s music

Sony Ericsson K700i
The Sony Ericsson K700i supports 40 polyphonic voices – so your phone can play many tones simultaneously. Your incoming calls: the sound of music.

Your Sony Ericsson K700i comes with a number of pre-stored ringtones. When you feel like a little more individuality, use the built-in MusicDJ™ to create your very own, personal ringtone.

Optional image fun
Create your online image gallery. Use the Image editor to adjust, scale, crop or simply enhance your pictures. ColourMailer is a service to create print copies.

Camera in focus. Smart imaging style.
Noticed the resemblance between the Sony Ericsson K700i and a sophisticated digital camera? Looks do not deceive here – the Sony Ericsson K700i VGA camera comes with features such as a photo light for better pictures and brightness adjustment. Add to that: Image quality nothing short of excellent. The Sony Ericsson K700i is an imaging device out of the ordinary.

Nearly there!
Get closer. Examine details. Experiment, explore and snap away. The 4x digital zoom allows your photographic creativity to flow. To organise your pictures, try the Adobe™ Photoshop Album 2.0 Starter Edition – This software (included in the phone kit) helps you locate and share pictures in a snap.

Big-screen viewing
The large (176×220 pixels) TFT screen is capable of displaying 65,536 colours and created for your viewing pleasure. If you want to look at your pictures on an even bigger screen, plug a Bluetooth™ Media Viewer MMV-100 into your TV. Sending pictures from the Sony Ericsson K700i to your TV is easy. No need for cables or wires – it’s all done via Bluetooth™.

Multidimensional messaging

Say it in words. Or any other way you like. The Sony Ericsson K700i supports MMS, allowing you to compose your messages with animations, video clips, pictures and sounds. Great for sending home a holiday greeting, great for asking for instant advice when shopping. And great fun. The Sony Ericsson K700i also supports EMS, email and SMS.

Video moments
You can also use the VGA camera to record short video clips. Ideal for saving fun moments – the 41 MB memory gives you plenty of storage space. Or share your video clip with friends via MMS.

QuickShare™ – sharing made easy
Ease of use. That’s the basis for OuickShare™. This is the fastest, easiest and smartest way to share images with friends and family. A few clicks is all it takes to snap your picture and send it to anyone anywhere in the world. QuickShare™ also makes it easy to share with Bluetooth-enabled PDAs, PCs and printers.

Instant Messaging – My Friends
The My Friends feature works as a mobile chat room. You see who’s online and you can send messages to entire contact lists or single users.

The Siemens C75 mobile phone


The Siemens C75 mobile phone from Siemens Communications is a functional yet attractive mobile phone that suits all budgets. This companion is extremely lightweight and compact and fits snugly into your pocket. With this modern tri-band mobile phone, users can stay in contact nearly everywhere in the world. The integrated VGA camera featuring 5x digital zoom makes it possible to take beautiful souvenir pictures and even shoot short video clips. The images and clips are shown to brilliant advantage on the large, colorful and extra bright display of the Siemens C75 mobile phone. Even When on the move, friends and family at home can easily share in the excitement through multimedia messaging. The built-in organizer with address book helps users keep an overview of all appointments, tasks and contacts at all times, even with today’s hectic lifestyle.

Pure elegance for a great price: The beautifully designed and functional new Siemens phone C75 offers an integrated VGA-camera with a 5x digital zoom that allows the phone to be used as a practical digital camera on the move. Equipped with an especially large and bright TFT colour display, photos and videos can be viewed in brilliant quality.
Siemens AG – The printing of this press image is free of license if the source “Siemens AG press image” is quoted.

Elegant design and leading-edge mobile phone technology for everyone: the Siemens C75 combines aesthetics and functionality at an affordable price. At first glance, its slim shape, gently rounded curves and gleaming matt surface stand out. The compact dimensions of 103 x 44 x 17 mm and low weight of 85 grams make the ergonomically designed mobile phone a neat companion. Discreet chrome elements frame the display and the central navigation button and underscore the overall impression of elegance made by this new C-class fashion accessory.

The C75 lets users do a lot more than just make and take calls. The versatile tri-band mobile phone offers everything needed for contemporary communication on the move: In addition to multimedia messages (MMS) and an e-mail client, instant messaging is also available for low-cost mobile online chats with friends and colleagues. All newly received messages are shown clearly in the standard inbox.

Pure elegance for a great price: The beautifully designed and functional new Siemens phone C75 offers an integrated VGA-camera with a 5x digital zoom that allows the phone to be used as a practical digital camera on the move. Equipped with an especially large and bright TFT colour display, photos and videos can be viewed in brilliant quality. Siemens AG – The printing of this press image is free of license if the source “Siemens AG press image” is quoted.

The built-in VGA camera with 5x digital zoom and video function transforms the mobile phone into a handy camera. In addition to pictures and graphics, films can be viewed in brilliant optical clarity on the 1.8 inch high-resolution TFT color display (132 x 176 pixels, 65k colors). The integrated photo editor can be used to give pictures a final touch-up while the attachable IFL-600 flash makes great pictures possible even in poor lighting conditions .

A trip to the real estate agent tomorrow, a business lunch today or an appointment in the fitness club this evening – an integrated organizer is available with an address book, calendar and to-do list for efficiently planning your day-to-day life. And if there is time in between, relaxing 3D games will keep boredom away. The user-friendliness of the C75 is evident in the large, clearly laid out keys and intuitive menus.

And for added convenience, practical Siemens accessories are also available: the elegant Headset Purestyle HHS-610 adds particularly to the overall impression of elegance exuded by the C75. The Car Kit Comfort Basic HKC-700, the portable Car Kit Easy HKP-700 with integrated telephone holder as well as the Car Kit Portable HKP-500 are ideal accessories for safe and reliable use in the car. A selection of data cables, chargers and cases is also available.

All newly received calls, messages and appointments can be seen at a glance and the unified inbox – the shared incoming communication system – ensures that you are always well informed. The clearly designed address book, which shows which of your friends is currently online, is a practical feature for instant messaging. Spice up the working day with the built in MP3 music player. Music can be played with one single push of a button – whether calling up emails or writing a text message at the time. Furthermore, EDGE/GPRS technology can be used to download the latest hits onto the SIEMENS S75 at high speed.

As a mobile office and music system in one, the SIEMENS S75 handset amalgamates a number of different talents. With the built-in organizer, all appointments and tasks can be kept fully under control – for hectic working life and for a range of leisure activities. Important data can be saved quickly and simply onto a PC either by USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth.


The newly designed address book has a particularly clear layout displaying all contacts stored on both the SIM card and in the telephone. It also shows immediately whether a calling partner is currently available for instant messaging online. Having large numbers of messages, appointments and calls is not a problem thanks to the SIEMENS S75. It is now possible to always keep track of them on the large telephone display (262,000 colors) in the unified inbox. Apart from emails, text messages and such like, it also contains the numbers of incoming calls and notifies you of important appointments.

Mobile musical appreciation for discriminating listeners: while on the move, users always have an excellent music center in their pocket with the SIEMENS S75 mobile. At the touch of a button, the multimedia mobile plays not only MP3 music, but also music in the particularly space-saving AAC formats. While listening to your favorite songs, you can update the appointments diary, access emails, write an MMS or chat via instant messaging.


Amplify your world. 

It’s got the looks and got the brains to match. The Nokia N72 features a stylish design with distinctive back cover graphics. This device boasts the advanced multimedia features you’ve come to expect from Nokia Nseries. Chill to your favorite tunes with the integrated music player. Or, “slide and shoot” to capture your moments in 2 megapixel quality. Meet the Nokia N72

The dedicated music key gives access to all your favorite tunes. The digital music player in Nokia N72 supports most common digital music formats, so loading it with music is a breeze. What’s more, you can easily transfer music from your compatible PC to your device with the Nokia Audio Manager application in the Nokia PC Suite, or other compatible PC software. And, with hot swap memory, there’s enough room for hundreds of songs. It’s even got an FM radio with support for Visual Radio. Rock on!

Just because you’re not at work, doesn’t mean you can’t keep up. Your Nokia N72 comes complete with Quickoffice and pdf document viewers, SMS, MMS, email, instant messaging, calendar, organizer and Internet browser. Transfer your data wirelessly with Bluetooth wireless technology or connect to your compatible PC with a USB cable. Need more space? No problem. With a separately sold hot swap MultiMediaCard your device is expandable. So go on! Don’t be confined by the walls of your office!

Style and substance.
Now you’ve got the best of both worlds. Available in both pearl pink and gloss PINK, these devices feature matching user interface themes and distinctive back cover graphics. It also comes complete with matching wrist strap and headset. Complement your look with compatible Nokia Enhancements or boost the functionalities of your multimedia device with a wide range of compatible add-on applications.

Capture Your Ispiration In Style
Just slide open the lens cover and shoot, either photos or video. Select the images you want to print using Nokia XpressPrint. Watch your images come to life on the crisp up to 262,144-color display or store your photos and videos on your compatible PC with the Nokia Image Store application in the Nokia PC Suite. Manage your photos and videos with Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition provided on the CD in the sales package, or record your mobile life with Lifeblog, a multimedia diary provided free of charge for owners of Nokia Nseries devices.

Find Your Groove

The dedicated music key gives access to all your favorite tunes. The digital music player in Nokia N72 supports most common digital music formats, so loading it with music is a breeze. What’s more, you can easily transfer music from your compatible PC to your device with the Nokia Audio Manager application in the Nokia PC Suite, or other compatible PC software. And, with hot swap memory, there’s enough room for hundreds of songs. It’s even got an FM radio with support for Visual Radio. Rock on!

Find Your Face!
Just because you’re not at work, doesn’t mean you can’t keep up. Your Nokia N72 comes complete with Quickoffice and pdf document viewers, SMS, MMS, email, instant messaging, calendar, organizer and Internet browser. Transfer your data wirelessly with Bluetooth wireless technology or connect to your compatible PC with a USB cable. Need more space? No problem. With a separately sold hot swap MultiMediaCard your device is expandable. So go on! Don’t be confined by the walls of your office!

The Motorola E398

Motorola E398-2

The Motorola E398 mobile phone will blast your senses with its digital music player. Listen to your favourite music with 3D stereo speakers and CD quality sound on the move.

Bursting with stunning features like an integrated digital camera with flash, video clip playback and rhythm lights to really make your phone come alive and be noticed in a crowd!

Play games and enjoy pumping sound, vibration and colourful lights with every move. Featuring Multimedia Messaging Service, Bluetooth™ and polyphonic ringtones the Motorolla E398 will blow your mind!

The Motorola E398, a great new mobile from Motorola with an exclusive ringtone, wallpaper and screensaver from the Blacked Eyed Peas – only on T-Mobile. Enjoy all your music tracks with 3D stereo headphones and CD quality sound from the mp3 player, and see your music with rhythm lights which pulse in time to the music. Download new tracks from the Mobile Jukebox service, so you’re never without a great tune.

In the box comes a mains charger, user manual, 1 battery, Software CD Rom, a personal handsfree, a 64mb memory card with memory card adaptor and a USB lead.
Carry your favourite tracks on the compact new TransFlash memory card with masses of storage for MP3 music, video clips, photos and wallpapers. It’s a whole new world.

The Motarola E398 truly maximises T-Mobiles music experience through their t-zones online service providing on-the-go connectivity and entertainment day and night.

The Motorolla E398 phone features a spacious colour screen with 3D stereo surround sound vibration sensory technology, MPEG4 video playback and an integrated MP3 music player with exclusive preloaded content from MTV featuring several top artists.

Boasting an integrated VGA quality digital camera with light, Multi-media Messaging Service (MMS) and a high specification graphics accelerator for superb picture quality, the Motarolla E398 mobile phone not only promises to provide mobile entertainment, but also to deliver the mobile photo power to capture memorable moments and easily share them with friends and family.

Built with integrated Bluetooth ™ wireless technology, the Motorla E398 handset lets you connect hands-free while on the move. Downloading the latest games, applications, music, ringtones, screensavers, wallpapers and other applications is a breeze.

The Motrolla E398 mobile alerts you in ways that you can feel and hear – making this one of the most alive handsets around.

Motorola E398

o you believe in an equal balance of work and play? If yes, the Motorola E1060 is the mobile accessory for you, guaranteed to steal the spotlight in both your social and professional circles. Featuring a 1.3 megapixel camera for still photography or video capture, Bluetooth® wireless technology for hands-free connections with compatible devices, and audio and video streaming for non-stop entertainment fun, this sleek mobile is loaded and affordable.

Whether you choose to connect during 2-way video calls, download wallpaper to coordinate with a new outfit or save favorite files on the TransFlash™ expandable memory supporting up to 512 megabytes (MB) of storage space, the Motorolla E1060 arms you with the tools you need to get ahead at work, at play and beyond.

Double Duty
The Motorla E1060 delivers an excellent visual performance with the aid of two integrated cameras. The VGA camera connects users to 2-way video conferences for face-to-face interaction and the 1.3 megapixel camera with 8x zoom captures special moments with pristine clarity. And if your eyes and ears are not yet satisfied, kick back with 3G technology for hi-speed streaming audio and video,or the integrated MP3 player to enjoy captivating distractions during your hectic work day.

Get the Blues

Wires and cables are the troubles of yesterday. With class 2 Bluetooth® wireless technology, you can seamlessly transfer information between your Motorola E1060 and a compatible PC, PDA or other compatible Bluetooth® -enabled device. Or, indulge in hands-free discussions using a compatible Bluetooth® headset or car kit while your phone is up-to 30 feet away.

Info Focused
Be the first to learn about breaking news in entertainment, world affairs or sports. With Motorola’s dynamic idle solution, you only need to click on the streaming information running on the E1060’s large, color screen to access the latest information. And to let friends or colleagues in on the news, utilize Instant Messaging (IM) with presence indicators to share the scoop with rapid ease.

The Samsung SGH D60


samsung-triband-unlocked-bluetooth-gsm-mobile-phone-60d - 副本

Touted by Samsung as what is going to be their flagship mobile phone handset of 2005, the Samsung D600 does not have that many differences to its predecessor the Samsung D500. That is, until you look closer.

The Samsung SGH D600 is the big brother to the Samsung D500 realeased at the end of 2004 and a few features have been changed and a few added to give it that extra clout on the mobile phone market.

For starters, Samsung have improved on the Samsung D500’s 1.3 Megapixel camera, installing a huge 2 Mexapixel model in the D600 handset, giving it far superior picture quality and bringing it in line with other top of the range handsets on the market from its competitors, namely Nokia and Motorola and Sony Ericsson.

A great advantage that Samsung have added is that of an expandable transflash memory slot, enabling additional memory cards upto 512MB to be used to store videos and pictures taken with the Samsung D600 mobile.

Samsung have also improved on the resolution display and the D600 now features a striking 240 x 320 pixels and 262, 000 colours.

Users have a wide range of connectivity options including Bluetooth, USB and PictBridge support, and there is also now even TV output, so you can watch all your mobile recorded videos on your beloved old box.

With the combined camera enhancements, video recording capabilities, improved screen resolution and colours, the Samsung D600 packs an almighty punch and it’s no wonder to see why Samsung are touting it as their soon to be flagship model of the year. An awesome phone with stunning looks and feature rich. Get one while you can.

The Samsung D600 Chrome mobile phone takes the standard D600 handset and adds plenty of shine. The elegantly rounded design still captivates… but now it dazzles you with chrome highlights as well.

Give the slide-up design a gentle nudge and it’ll open smoothly, revealing the keyboard. Now take a look at the phone’s menu on the high-resolution screen – there’s email, a document viewer for email attachments, a mobile internet browser, voice recognition, games, PC synchronisation and Bluetooth connectivity to make it an all-round communicator.

When it’s time for entertainment, you’ll find a two megapixel camera for photos and video clips. An LED light will help with night-time photos, while the built-in image editor makes it easy for you to enhance your photos. You can even take advantage of the phone’s TV output, giving you the option of seeing your photos and videos on a larger screen.

In addition, the Samsung D600 Chrome is a music player. 81MB of memory, coupled with an expansion slot, gives you plenty of storage space for your favourite tunes… and you’ll enjoy listening to them through the phone’s 3D stereo speakers. In fact, just about everything you want is here – helping the chrome Samsung D600 to shine out from the competition!

The Samsung E330 mobile phone is Oval Brilliance. The stylish, oval-shaped Smasung E330 clamshell phone boasts a dual band, dual color, high quality VGA camera with its own flash and internal antenna in compact frame. Special E330 features also include photo caller ID, global GPRS communication platform, and an advanced WAP 2.0 browser. The stylish Samsung SGH E330 houses a built-in camera and flash with 4 x zoom with enhanced digital imaging features for stronger functionality. Useful capabilities, including Multi-Shot, Night Shot, Photo Frame & Effect, Easy Self-Portrait all enable spontaneous photo opportunities.

$_35The Samsung E330 takes you into a new world of exploration and discovery with its amazing 40 polyphonic ringtone melodies (download SMASUNG E330 ringtones here). With the Samsung E330 phone, Samsung mobiles enhanced voice clarity edges closer to perfection. The phone automatically increases its volume and clarity of incoming calls when you are in the midst of a crowd, making the caller much more audible. Even better than simply raising the volume on your phone the Samsung E330 automatically senses the volume around you to enhance your conversation clarity and keep you from having to run to quieter areas. The integrated speakerphone incorporates state-of-the-art echo cancellation technology, noise cancellation and voice clarity functions to insure that you can speak more freely on the fly or in the car. Your caller will never even know you put the phone down.

The Samsung E330 handset is a dual band GSM 900 / 1800 handset. This means that you can take the handset on holiday with you but it will only work in some places abroad.

Practical with a wide variety of functions the Samsung E330 mobile phone not only looks good but also meets the demands of the day-to-day mobile user. Two colour TFT display screens internal and external offer over 65,00 colours.

With the Samsung E330 memory card (6.8MB included) and MMS multimedia messaging means you can save, take and send photos time and time again.

Connect to other digital devices with the Samsung E330 mobile whether it’s a PC, Laptop or PDA through the handsets integrated infrared port, surf the Internet and download the latest Samsung E330 games, ringtones and wallpapers. The Samsung E330 mobile phone comes with a talk time of up to 3 hours and a standby time of 200 hours making it a brilliantly practical phone to have.